Bring Solar Home is an initiative of Build San Antonio Green to encourage local solar commitments and educate the community on the benefits of solar energy.

We are working with CPS Energy and solar installers to simplify the process of “going solar.” By bridging the the gap between consumers and industry professionals, we are increasing the number of solar installations in San Antonio.

Bring Solar Home’s services are structured in two program areas:

Community Education- which explains how solar energy works, benefits the environment, and reduces your monthly utility bill by utilizing current incentives. If you would like us to present information at your home owner’s association meeting, office, church, or community group, please let us know by calling 210-22-SOLAR.

Industry Development- which unites qualified solar installers participating in Bring Solar Home with interested residential projects. Once a solar installation project is initiated, our office will monitor the project through completion to ensure your satisfaction.

Each project initiated by Bring Solar Home is monitored for quality assurance each step of the way. Whether you have questions on solar energy, finding a local installer, we are here to help. Get started.